What does misalignment mean and why is it important to have proper alignment?

Your spine protects your spinal cord, which is an intricate system of nerves that is responsible for all of the communication to your body. It controls your immune system, emotions, vision, hearing, balance, breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, digestion, muscle tension, posture, hormones, and every other function; all of which can be disrupted when your atlas and axis vertebrae are not properly aligned.

The average weight of a person’s head is 10-14 lbs that sits at the center of the top of the neck. When the head shifts from the center of the neck and stays in that position for an extended period (whether from an accident, poor posture, or injury) it becomes misaligned with the top two vertebrae, the atlas and the axis, shifting the weight to one side of the body. The spine and pelvis may shift and twist as well to compensate for the misalignment and extra weight, causing pain and discomfort throughout the body.

The imbalance of the spine and hip can also cause one leg to be shorter, resulting in abnormal movements and extreme wear on the body. The stress can manifest itself as illness if the misalignment goes untreated over a length of time. Treating the misalignment can help alleviate the stress on the body, allowing it to recover from any diseases plaguing it.