Suffer from severe back pain? Do you find it difficult to bend, twist, or lift? Or perhaps you are one of the millions of people diagnosed with fibromyalgia. What ever your ailment, if pain is a symptom then osteopathic medicine may be a viable option as a treatment or supplemental treatment. Osteopathic medicine focuses on treatment of the body that promotes the body’s natural ability to heal itself. One of the major focuses of  osteopathic care is the manipulation of the back and neck of the patient, or chiropractic care. The spine protects the central nervous system which is the central command for all of the communication of the body. A misalignment of the spine can cause stress on the nervous system leading to many different types of problems.

Research of chiropractic care is ongoing and studies that have been done have promising results. According to publications in the Annals of Internal Medicine, a premier medical journal, spinal manipulative therapy in concordance with exercise can relieve neck pain more effectively than with painkillers. The goal of chiropractic care is to bring the body back to its optimal healing state, by bringing the musculoskeletal structure back to proper alignment. When properly aligned, nerves are not pinched and are able to better communicate with the rest of the body.

In a new study led by Dr. John Licciardone, a doctor in osteopathic medicine, concluded that manipulation of the back could effectively reduce symptoms in people who suffered from chronic back pain. The study tested the effects of osteopathic manipulation of 455 people for 8 weeks. After the study was concluded, 63% of the patients reported a moderate improvement to their pain and half said that they had a significant decrease in pain after undergoing the 8 week treatment.


In addition to studies conducted there are thousands more individual testimonies to the benefits of osteopathic medicine. Take 56 year old Mary Steinhoff from Morrisville, North Carolina. Mary suffered from severe, debilitating pain for the last 29 years of her life after a car accident. The pain was so intense that she could not lie flat, sleep for more than 2 or 3 hours, and could not lift her right arm. She was diagnosed in 2002 with fibromyalgia and found an upper cervical doctor, a chiropractor who focuses on the realignment of the top two vertebrae, in 2014. After just her first adjustment, Mary was able to regain movement in her arm. Just a year later, her pain is more manageable, allowing her to sleep up to six hours each night and partake in social events.


The effects of any variation of  osteopathic medicine may be different for each individual but studies and individual testimonies show that the effects are beneficial for those who seek the treatment.  Osteopathic medicine focuses on healing the body by treating the cause naturally rather than pumping the body with pharmaceutical drugs.