Ear infections plague children and can happen in adults too. If you child has constant ear infections, try upper cervical adjustments as a treatment method to see if it reduces the occurrence in your child like it has done for many others. To understand how this works, you first need to know what an ear infection actually is and what parts of the ear are affected by the infection.

What is an Ear Infection?

Ear infections begin when germs or viruses are able to get deep into the ear canal and cause fluid (and in severe cases, pus) to build up around the eardrum. The accumulation of the fluid or pus around the eardrum increases the pressure in the ear; much like what you may experience on a plane, your ears wanting to “pop”. Only they can’t – this is why children feel pain in their ears.

An ear infection can present itself with ear pain, trouble hearing, fever, and small children may grab at their ears. A doctor can confirm diagnosis and provide treatment. Which type of doctor you choose is up to you.

How does Upper Cervical help?

Upper Cervical is the correction of the misalignment of the top two vertebrae of your spine, essentially the vertebrae in your neck. When these vertebrae are properly aligned, the Eustachian Tube (ear canal) is open and allows for the proper drainage of fluids away from the ear drum. If the vertebrae are not properly aligned, the Eustachian Tube is not as open as is could be causing an improper drainage of the ear canal. If the Eustachian Tube is not properly draining, buildup occurs, leading to ear infections.

Why Upper Cervical over a traditional doctor?

This is your choice. If you would like to try a method to heal your child’s (or your own) infection without the aid of pharmaceuticals, try upper cervical care. Taking antibiotics is efficient at removing the virus that is plaguing your child’s ear but taking antibiotics too often can reduce their effectiveness.