Healthy Spine, Healthy Life

Overall a healthy spine means a healthy life. Your spine is literally the backbone of your health – it protects your central nervous system. Your central nervous system is made up of the mind and the spinal cord and controls all of your bodily functions from healing a cut to breathing and walking. If there [...]

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Why Do I Feel So Sore After an Adjustment?

You’ve just started seeing an upper cervical doctor and have had a few adjustments. You are feeling great, better than you have in years! But recently you have had some pain, an old injury flare up; perhaps something you haven’t had to deal with in years. You wonder what is going on and why you [...]

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7 Ways to Effectively Boost Your Nervous System

The Central Nervous System is a complex system that is one of the most important parts of your body. It is what controls your whole body and mind. Your vital functions like breathing and your heart beating to other bodily functions like eating, hydrating, and eliminating waste are all controlled by your Central Nervous System. [...]

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How Upper Cervical Care Can Curb Your Depression

Everyone is capable of feeling sadness and grief, these types of feelings are normal and even healthy to experience. Depression is a disease that affects your body, your mind, and your thoughts; you experience extensive periods of sadness and loss of interest of things you once cared for. Depression affects how a person feels, thinks, [...]

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Ten Tips To Drink More Water

Water is the source of life. Don’t believe it? Our bodies are made up of 60% water and the Earth is made up of 71% of water. Water is essential to our health and well-being and it is important to ensure that our bodies are properly hydrated, especially in this Florida heat. Did you know [...]

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The Answer To Your Heath Problem May Be In Your Posture

You may not realize it but your posture can affect the overall health of your body. Standing, sitting, or even lifting incorrectly can impact your posture and your health. You may initially notice back or neck pain followed my muscle stiffness and fatigue after spending too long sitting in a hunched position or standing all [...]

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3 Ways Your Posture Is Affecting Your Success

Many American workers spend a large portion of their day sitting, usually slumped in front of a computer. Others spend their work hours standing or walking constantly and there are those who perform manual labor that requires them to lift, bend, twist, or carry something heavy. Whatever the worktime assignment, your back and spine takes [...]

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