Fibromyalgia is a full-body condition that causes widespread pain. It is difficult to receive a diagnosis since this usually involves ruling out other conditions over a period of time. Care often merely consists of medication to mitigate symptoms. Unfortunately, a recent study revealed something that complicates matters further.

The study looked at 226 patients over the course of two years to examine their pain in connection with what is considered the standard for a fibromyalgia diagnosis. In the study, many of the patients fell in and out of the standardize criteria over the course of the two years. This reveals that whether or not a person gets a proper diagnosis may simply depend on their symptoms at the time of a visit to the doctor. This can also affect how a doctor handles patient care.

Natural Help for Fibromyalgia Sufferers
Regardless of whether a person’s symptoms are presently flared or not, most researchers agree that fibromyalgia has to do with the way a patient’s brain interprets pain signals. This means that a properly functioning central nervous system is particularly important when one has fibromyalgia.

An upper cervical misalignment can affect the interpreting of pain signals and other central nervous system functions. This is because an out of place C1 or C2, even just by a slight margin, can interfere with fluid flow to the brain and create pressure in the spinal cord or brain stem until this blockage is removed.

At the Upper Cervical Center of Brandon, we use the Atlas Orthogonal method of upper cervical chiropractic to identify and correct misalignment in the uppermost part of the spine. Once this misalignment has been corrected, a person may be surprised to learn just how many symptoms can be caused by what may seem like a very minor injury.