If you suffer from back pain then you know you are willing to do or try anything to help with the pain. Here are a few items you could use in your life to help with the pain.

  1. A New Mattress

Any mattress over 5 years is on its way out and a mattress that is 8 years or older needs replacing. As time goes on, mattresses wear and are not able to support your back like they once could. Poor mattress support can complicate existing back pain. There is no specific mattress that is designed for aiding back pain but a medium-firm mattress has been favored by those with pain.

Mattresses that are adjustable may provide a wider variety of comfortable options, ranging from firmness to body position.

  1. Ergonomic Office Chair

Sitting can actually put more stress on your lumbar region (lower back) than standing so it is very important to ensure that proper posture is maintained while sitting. Since most people spend the majority of their day at work, an ergonomic chair can help encourage you to keep good posture. Ergonomic chairs allow for adjustable height, arm rests, and lumbar support.

Another option is to stand at your desk or sit on a yoga ball – both options can help reduce the pressure on your lumbar. Getting up to stretch or walk during a break or lunch is also recommended.

  1. Suitcase on Wheels

Carrying a heavy suitcase or luggage if you travel for work can stress your back, neck, and shoulders unduly. By using a bag or case with wheels and a handle to pull it behind you, the stress it lifted from your body.

If a rolling bag is not a viable option for your workplace, try to lighten the load of what you are carrying around.

Finding ways like this to take it easier on your back and neck can have positive results in decreasing your pain.